General Information

Apex International Music Competition is an annual event for young pianists, instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers ages 5 through 28. Apex International Music Competition is one of the many international music events hosted by The Global Association of Musicians, whose mission is to promote the development of the world's music and arts culture, to strengthen the artistic exchanges within the music industry and to provide an artistic platform for musicians, singers, educators, composers, music entrepreneurs and music teachers all over the world.

Apex International Music Competition includes auditions and winner’s recitals:

Audition (Live or video recording):

· Judges will provide evaluations including written comments and recommendations based on the performance.

· A score will be assigned to each performer to determine contestant's placement.

Winner’s Concert

· The Winners Concerts for the first and second place honors are held at Merkin Concert Hall in New York City.

· The Certificates and Cash prizes will be awarded to students at the end of recitals.

· To recognize outstanding teachers, Certificates will be awarded to participating music teachers.

For more information please refer to “Audition”, “Winner’s Concert” and “Awards” pages.

Eligibility and Repertoire

Apex International Music Competition is open to all pianist, instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, duets and ensembles between ages 5-28.

The Contestants will be divided into four different age groups:

· 5-9 years old- elementary

· 10-14 years old- Junior

· 15-18 years old-senior

· 19 years older-Young Artist

The music selection for instrumentalists shall be one composition from the standard repertory of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern Era under six minutes. Arrangements, simplified editions, pop music and/or non-classical music are not acceptable.

All repertoires shall be performed from memory and the contestants may not change the selections once the application has been submitted.

Longer selections require additional fees (See fee requirements under application section),

Solo instrumental, solo voice, group voice and ensemble performances (e.g. one piano four-hands, violin and piano duet, chamber groups, etc.) are welcome.

Contestants may apply to auditions more than once (e.g. participating in another instrument/voice, or being part of ensemble).

Repeats are not allowed during the audition performances.

Judges have the right to stop the performance at any time during the audition performance or if the contestant exceeds the specified time.

All scores provided by judges are final and will be sent to the contestants’ respective teachers within two weeks after the audition date.


Please submit the completed application form through one of the following methods:

· Mail the completed form and application/concert fee to the address shown below.

· Email the application form in DOC or PDF to and mail the application/concert fee to address shown below

· Submit the completed application form online and pay the required application/concert fee using PayPal or credit cards.

Application Fee & Concert Fee

· Solo (Instrument, Voice and composition): $70

· Duet or group of 3 or more members: $50 per member.

· Performance over six minutes: $100 per member.

· Winner’s Concert: $200 for Solo Performance

$150 each member for Duet and Ensemble of three or more.

A separate check for winner’s concert shall be submitted together with application fee at the time of application. For contestants who are not selected for the winner’s concert, the check for the concert fee will be returned immediately to the teachers or parents.

All application forms, payment shall be submitted to the main office of the competition

Global Musicians & Arts Association

168 US Highway 1, STE 101

Edison, NJ 08817

Deadline for Application is December 21, 2019

Late applications will be accepted for 14 days after the deadline with a late fee of $50 per application.


Once we receive the application forms with payments from the applicants, we will email the audition schedule with specific details including the exact audition time and location to all the applicants at the emails provided in their application forms, no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled live audition time. Evaluation forms will also be attached to this email and the contestants must print, fill out and bring the evaluation forms to the live auditions

Students who cannot attend live auditions, may provide a YouTube link to a video of their performance and email the link to Please check the box for Web audition on the application form. Video recording must be continuous and cannot be altered, edited and rearranged.  The email with the YouTube video link must be accompanied by the following:

1. Performer's name and age

2. Teacher's name

3. Composition name, Opus numbers, key, etc.

4. Composer's name

5. Performance time

Deadline for YouTube recording submission is January 25, 2020

We encourage a respectful and conservative recital dress code for both live and web auditions.  Attire that is too casual, trendy or flashy for traditional recital performance may be to your disadvantage as the judges score based on your overall presentation and style.

Winner’s Concert

All Contestants will receive the following recognitions based on the judge’s score at the audition:

1st place Honor - eligible for winner’s concert, certificates and cash awards

2nd place Honor- eligible for winner’s concert, certificates

3rd place Honor - certificates

1st place and 2nd place winners will be selected to perform in the Merkin Concert Hall, 129 West 67th street, New York, New York 10023 at the following time.

2nd place winner’s concert: May 31, 2020, 10 am

1st place winner’s concert: May 31, 2020, 3 pm

Famous Musicians including professional pianists, singers, band members and composers will be invited as guest performers to participate both concerts. Selected winners in both concerts will have the opportunities to perform together on stage with guest musicians.

Concert fee (see application Page) is included in the application fee and will be returned to 3rd place winner after audition results.

Every Participant in the Winner’s concert will have six tickets included. Additional tickets can be purchased at $30 each ticket. A teacher is eligible for a complimentary ticket to any concert with their students in it, subject to availability.

Tickets and an introduction letter including details of concert will be mailed to the teacher or parents of the participants one week before the concert.

The following guidelines must be enforced for the winner’s concerts:

· Participants must perform one selection under six minutes from Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary periods from standard repertoire.

· Extra performance time of up to one minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee approved by Apex International Music Competition.

· The participants must NOT change the chosen repertoire performed at the time of the audition

· All repertoire must be performed from memory.

· If required, Participants shall bring their own piano accompanist. Apex International Music Competition may provide piano accompanist at additional fee.

· In order to receive award certification, the winner participants must physically perform in the Winners concerts and may not leave the concert until its conclusion. Students who do not participate in the concert are considered withdrawn from the competition and do not receive a Winners Certificate.

· Photography inside the concert hall is prohibited. A professional photographer will be hired to take photos for the entire concert. A photo order form will be sent out to participants before the concert.

· Attire for the winner’s concert is formal.

· All fee is non-refundable

· The Global Musicians & Arts Association, LLD. May distribute informational or promotional material, both electronic and printed, to the parents of current and/or prospective students. These materials include, but are not limited to, newsletters, promotional brochures, development publications, regional, national, or international advertisements, and the company’s World Wide Web site. if you would like to opt out of this please contact the main office of the competition :


All the contestants will receive certificates of achievements based on judge’s evaluations.

1st place honor and 2nd place honor winners will have the opportunities to be awarded with cash prizes.  The amount of cash prize and selection are based on the contestant’s performance in both the audition and concert.

1st place honor and 2nd place honor winners will have the opportunities to co-perform on stage with famous guest musicians.

Students who have performed in the Apex International Music Competition Winners concert for 5 (five) consecutive years or more are eligible to receive a Letter of Recommendation to be used for college applications.

To recognize outstanding teachers, multiple teacher’s awards will be presented to contestant’s teachers after the concert.  Special certificates of excellence will be awarded to teachers who have more than 5 students participating in the winner’s concert and who have won five consecutive years in the winner’s concert

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Contact: Ms Lily / Ms Fan

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Tel: Ms Fan 201-349-7912


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